1. Should I trim my candle wicks?

We recommend trimming the wicks of our scented and perfumed candles to ¼” (approx. 0.6cm) before each use. This will prevent soot and simultaneously extend the life of the candle. Furthermore, avoid dropping matches or other flammable objects into the candle.


2. How long does a Zarya scented and perfumed candle burn for?

The following table shows the approx. burn time of our candles:


Pure Delight

approx. 36 - 56 Hours


approx. 36 - 56 Hours


approx. 36 - 42 Hours

The Muses

approx. 36 - 56 Hours


The indicated burning times can vary and is depending on each model. The burning time assumes a correct usage of each candle.

A candle with a liquid wax gets used up faster than a candle with partially solid wax. That is why we recommend that you blow out your candle an hour after the wax has completely liquefied.

3. What payment types do you accept online? 

Zaryacollection.com accepts the following payment options for online purchases:

-Credit card



4. Is VAT included in the final price and can I claim VAT back?

All prices include VAT. We are currently unable to provide a tax-back service for any of our online customers. 

5. My order has been declined. Do I need to place a new order?

If you have received an email from zaryacollection.com, informing you that your order has been cancelled, please replace a new order online. 

6. Can I change or even cancel my order?

If you wish to change or cancel your order, please send us an email to office@zaryacollection.com as soon as possible. We will make every effort to comply with your request. However, after placing an order, we cannot guarantee that the purchase can be changed or cancelled.

7. Is it possible to return purchases made online through zaryacollection.com?

We hope you are 100% satisfied with your purchase from zaryacollection.com. If you are not fully satisfied, Zarya will offer you a refund on unused and unopened, full-price products within 14 days of your delivery date. For more information on processing a return, please visit our Return Policy page. 

8. Is it possible to return purchases made online through one of Zarya’s retailers?

All purchases made online through other retailers cannot be exchanged or returned to Zarya directly.